4th March 2018

Who Is Worthy

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Word From The Father

I Am the Almighty God. The Great Deliverer is My name. I Am the Oldman. I created Myself. None formed Me. No woman carried Me in her womb. I have billions of forms. I reign in light and darkness for darkness is as light to Me. I Am the Creator. Jehovah is My name. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am the Originator. I Am the Breeze. I Am Unquestionable God. I Am Unbeatable God. I Am Undestroyable God. I Am Unmovable God. I Am Unfashionable God. I Am Unstoppable God. I Am Unquenchable God. I Am Unaffordable God. I Am Unfathomable God. I Am Unchangeable God. I Am Unbreakable God. I Am Unshakable God. I Am Uncarvable God. I Am Unseen God. Nobody sees Me and live. I Am All-In-All. Glory to My name. Honour to My name. Hallelujah to My name. Hosanna to My name. Mighty is My name. Excellent is My name. Glorious is My name. Faithful is My name. Wonderful is My name. Marvellous is My name. Holy is My name. Yes, I praise Myself.

Yes, who is worthy to stand before Me and plead his case? Who knows how I do My work? Who is worthy of glory and honour? All of you are mere flesh that will die away. I Am the Owner of both flesh and Spirit. I run My Kingdom as I like. Who among you was there when I created the Universe? Whatever I want you to know is what you can know. That which I don’t want you to know are concealed before you. I Am a Mystery and none of you can understand My way. Whoever works for Me is like an expensive tool in My hand and should be happy because I honour him. All of you should have My fear because I Am far bigger than what you can ever imagine. I Am the Great Judge. My judgement is faithful, true and pure. In Me, there is no lie. Let all of you emulate Me in everything, so there can be peace in your abode.

My Emphasis

Who is like unto You Jehovah my Father! Everything came from You. Everything works together in You. Everything will return back to You. Glory to Your Holy name. I have pondered upon Your Word and Your way, I couldn’t understand You at all. The more I try to understand You, the more I failed. No wonder You told me four times that I shouldn’t understand You but should just do whatever You say. You alone are worthy.

I can boast to say I know more of You than those who have existed before Me and those who’re alive simply because You give me the grace. You are there when I don’t even call You. Who will believe My story, that the Almighty God Himself lives among men because He’s on a mission on this Earth? Who will believe My story, that Jehovah God Himself turned Himself into a woman and gave Himself to a man in marriage? Your way is awkward to all men, but it’s holy. I can tell all men thousands of things about You, yet, I don’t know You enough. You are the best that could ever happen to me. Therefore, I praise and honour Your name.

Faithful are You Lord, faithful are You Lord,
You are faithful all the time,
You are faithful every day,
Faithful are You Lord, faithful are You Lord,
You are faithful all the time,
You are faithful every day.

My Task For Today

1) I will put every worry aside and rejoice in You always.
2) I will open my eyes wide to see beyond the comfort of this Earth.
3) I will always sing a new song to You in my heart and loudly.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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